This is everyone's waterfront.

Concerned Citizens of St. Petersburg is a Florida Non-Profit corporation organized
by St. Petersburg residents who know and treasure its waterfront.

Our mission is to enable the careful development of a comprehensive downtown waterfront plan which would take full advantage of the recreational, educational and economic opportunities of our waterfront. This plan would also incorporate the extraordinary knowledge available from St. Petersburg’s world renowned marine science community.

Our long term goal is to constructively contribute to the development of St. Petersburg’s Downtown Waterfront Master Plan.  We will be seeking guidance and support from everyone who shares in our mission.


Pier factions support St. Petersburg mayor's plans, for now

Now, after weeks of hearing the unfiltered views of people on all sides of the divisive issue, Kriseman will soon announce how he will proceed with a project that proved to be his predecessor's albatross.
At his side will be an unlikely coalition of those who fought to save the inverted pyramid, those who waged a fierce campaign to kill its proposed replacement and those who wanted the Lens.
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Published: 04/11/14

St. Pete mayor lays out process for new Pier

Mayor Rick Kriseman' general game plan: Define the desired function of a new Pier, solicit design concepts, then let citizens pick the top three contenders. 
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Published: 02/22/14

St. Petersburg Pier options push timetable further back

Bud Risser, a leader of Concerned Citizens who met with Kriseman on Tuesday, embraces the inclusive approach. "It's clear to me that his vision about how to proceed is similar to Concerned Citizens," Risser said. "He is sensitive to the difficulties from the past and he has a plan that includes letting everybody in the front door."
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Published: 02/18/14

The Urban Land Institute's Advisory Service Panel has released their final report titled "St. Petersburg, Florida: Forging Connections for a Vibrant Downtown Waterfront." Read more

Published: 01/30/14

Survey: Residents want fine dining at St. Petersburg pier, amenable to taxpayer subsidy

Given Florida's searing summer temperatures, it's probably no surprise that a majority of residents surveyed about what they'd most like at the city's pier ranked air conditioning a top priority.
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Published: 12/12/13

St. Pete Pier poll results are in!

Of the 67% of residents who voted on the new pier design in August 2013, 68% say they voted against "The Lens" design.  When asked about specific features of the design and whether they thought the changes were for the better, worse, or made no difference to them, respondents in all instances said they were for the worse.
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Published: 12/12/13

St. Pete spending more than $400k to maintain closed pier

With the city yet to secure a demolition permit, though, City Hall officials admit that taxpayers this year are likely to end up paying roughly $420,000 to maintain an empty building. Almost $240,000 of that will go to providing 24-hour security at The Pier. City Council members on Monday are scheduled to discuss extending a contract with ABM Security Services for two unarmed guards to patrol the a... Read more

Published: 11/24/13

St. Pete officials accused of skewing pier survey

“I think the goal is to take that option off the table, which is an inappropriate goal at this point,” said City Council Chairman Karl Nurse, who also said that Mayor Bill Foster broke a pledge to allow City Council to vet the survey before it was released.
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Published: 11/22/13

Architects want to redesign existing Pier

"One of the things that happens to most people, me included, is somebody can describe the concept to you but you can't visualize it, so you need the pretty pictures," Mesh CEO Gary Grooms explained, adding he hopes going public promotes a public discussion of renovation. "There's a thousand different ways this could get looked at -- this is just our approach and our thoughts."
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Published: 11/11/13

St. Pete architect backs Pier assertion with details

 Local architecture firm Mesh made waves recently when it announced it could renovate the city’s inverted pyramid pier for $24 million, well below the city’s original estimate of more than $70 million. Now the firm has released a set of drawings showcasing its proposed radical makeover of the 40-year-old building that has sat empty for five months — since it was clo... Read more

Published: 11/08/13